Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does….

Can you think of one person that likes to look stupid? Well besides clowns and people that dress like Elvis, I cant think of any. And yet, I do look like a bit of a wally when im out and about. If you read my last Blog post you will know that I (rather absurdly) waited a whole year for a car. A car that reaches 60mph in 3.3 seconds, now I thought this would be cool but apparently not, because having a car like that people expect that you can actually drive where as I, unfortunately, cannot.

Here’s the problem; When you have 500 horse powers in you engine, they want to get out, and the only way this is possible is to spin your rear tires when a breeze touches the accelerator peddle. This means you travel sideways along the road quite often which is, frankly, very scary. After some very ‘interesting’ moments and dave our finance guy complaining about my underwear bill, I thought the only cure for this is to get some expert tuition on driving.

Fortunately Nissan in all their wisdom realised that this maybe an issue for some and have their free GTR driver training course at Silverstone race track, so I booked my place on one summers morning.

For the petrol heads among you, you will know abbots curve, for the rest of us, it’s a right hand bend followed by a left hand bend. While ‘warming up’ and getting ready for our GTR tuition, we were able to try the newly released 370z sports car that you see me driving here. Unfortunately, I am a far worse driver than I realised and on the exit of abbots curve I lost control of the rear of the car and hit the barrier at about 70 mph. What made this experience even worse was that the car I drove was only 3 days old and only had 150 miles on the clock. Oops. So in an effort to stop myself looking like a plonker on the road to people who don’t care, I turns up to the home of British motor racing and bins a 3 day old race prepped car in front of hundreds of motoring enthusiasts…

Even I have to smile at the irony!

But the whole episode taught me a valuable lesson, its not about just having the best kit, its about what you do with it that counts and so I have taken a leaf out of Nissans book and now offer a free business package called advantage pro.

Advantage pro provides you with tangible business tools like uniforms computer software, business cards, leaflets and loads of other cool stuff, but also adds the knowledge so you get where it is you want to be.

Some of my clients want more time and your business can be structured for that, some want more money, this too is easier than you may think when just one or two of the right changes are made. Some want both more time and money which your business can also provide you with in a remarkably short time.

But here’s the best bit; advantage pro is absolutely free so if your looking to upgrade your system or purchase your first one call Julie on 01494 240 640 and she can tell you more about it all. You can also see it here;

As for the car I wrote off, Nissan weren’t too upset and I can report that, even though I still can’t drive, I do know what’s it like to crash a race car. I should have just listened to instructor but hey, we live and learn…!