Thursday, July 9, 2009

Little Willy...

I have an apology to make. Its been a while since I have been able to write a new Blog post. Things have been really busy lately and I have been coming to terms with an awful truth. You see, as I have already mentioned in my past Blog posts, I have been on the waiting list for a very special car. It’s the new R35 Nissan GTR. And about three weeks ago, after more than 12 months of waiting, I took delivery of said motor car.

So you would naturally assume that I would be happy and excited driving this super-car everywhere like I had stole it myself, but no, that’s not the way it has been. Firstly, after that length of time of waiting, you tend to have a lot of time to ask yourself a lot of questions. Questions like, do I really need it? Did I choose the right colour? And the big one – why do I want a super-car?

Secondly you have a lot of time to ponder the answers to those questions. Take the last question for example, why would you want to buy a super car? Well there are only two reasons, either you have reached middle age and you are in the full scale grip of a crisis, or you have a very small willy.

At age 33 its hard to be in a middle age crisis, the age keeps moving forwards, but I recon that middle age is currently around 50 or so. By the time I am 40, that would have moved to 60 and when I was 18, middle age was 25, but whatever it is, I don’t think that 33 could be justifiably called ‘middle age’

That’s a shame, because it means that the reason I purchased this car was because I have a very little willy. Which as you can imagine is a truth that will take some getting used to. I have not really thought too much about it up until now, but it has been a while since I seen the little fella and I am not even obese yet. How depressing is that? Well, since I am answering my own questions, I can truthfully say its very depressing. Sometimes I think the only good that could come from this is that I could get a new job as an agony aunt for Subaru and Mitsubishi Evo drivers, if you could call that ‘good’.

So its just as well that summers here and that means it’s time for the annual BBQ for the Concept 2O™ owners. For me its an opportunity to catch up with old friends and get to know the new operators better. But of course the benefits run a little deeper than that.

It is a rare chance to use the enthusiasm and experiences of others to help top up your own motivation. Sometimes you can get caught up so completely in the ebb and flow of your own business that you forget just how much fun being a business owner can be. The BBQ is just the opportunity to refocus and just enjoy the enthusiasm that others have for their businesses and find out all the new developments, let me just give you a few examples.

If you have been receiving our newsletter you will know the story of John and Jane Carty, both of whom are registered as profoundly deaf. Just short of a year or so ago, John and his wife picked up their brand new Concept 2O™ system. obviously they had very specific and specialised requirements and that is always difficult to accurately predict the outcome of such things. However, at the BBQ they were able to share their tale and shocked many operators with the success they have seen. Their vehicle is full of work and they still have so much work coming in, they now have to sell excess work regularly. Both are doing well materially and emotionally.

There were also operators that were moving on to their second vehicles with even more contemplating a third vehicle. Some operators that are local to each other are combining forces into a larger business and taking on partners to help share their success and some operators who were part time at the last BBQ who have now turned full time. Excellent.

Two operators got married, another two couples had their baby’s, a little girl called Isabella, and a new baby boy called Logan, welcome to the world both of you! There were also two new doggies bringing the total to three. Our puppy Blue Belle was more than happy with that.

All in all it was another very successful day and so much was shared by all. This week I approached work refreshed and exited to move our business even further forward despite being handicapped by the smallest willy in the organization.

Events like this make you wish that you network with like minded individuals more often, and we will no doubt work on making more events during the year to facilitate this. In the mean time, two events have been planed, a meal in the south of the country towards the autumn and a new group that meet in South Wales and Bristol that meet once a month to exchange ideas and to brainstorm.

As always, if your not yet a Concept 2O™ operator, come on in, the waters hot!

For further information contact Julie or myself on 01495 240 640

Best Regards

Carl Phillips